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Contractors to Mainfreight New Zealand LTD Over the last 10 years, GRD Transport has had six trucks coated in EZ3460 Teflon Clear Coat Both Graham & Robert have found the Teflon Clear Coat very easy to clean, In there words it’s a no scrub clean, just spray on the cleaner & hose off, it is as easy as that, all road grime & dirt just falls off Graham has commented over the years that he can leave Whangarei covered in dirt, get a shower or two of rain on the way & the truck is clean by the time he gets to the bottom of the Bynderwyn hills GRD Transport but the cost of washing one of their units at $10.00 per wash; $5.00 for the cleaner & $5.00 for the water, Not a lot on money GRD Transport spend very little time in washing their trucks, cost saving over the years run into the thousands of dollars’, add to that the time that may have being spent in the queue at the truck wash over the years adds up to a lot of money saved

Graham & Robert Dickerson - GRD Transport LTD

Clint & Simon love EZ Teflon Clear Coat with their type of business the trucks get covered in wash down from buildings that they clean. With the EZ Teflon Clear Coat they only need to rinse off the trucks with clean water

Building Wash Services

Isuzu 8 wheeler painted over 8 years ago, working as a tipper, Gary has found that the EZ Teflon Clear Coat has being the best investment he has made on this truck, in his words “it’s the best paint job he has ever had”

Gary Cress

Neil Conza has 3 trucks & 3 trailers with their curtain-sider bodies & chassis painted using EZ Teflon Clear Coat, Neil finds these units very easy to clean & maintain We also Clear Coated the curtains on all these units using Hypersheld Clear Coat

TH Conza Ltd

Mainfreight OD, 9 year old truck, Denis says his truck is easy to clean & always looks great, never had a problem, Denis has as of late last year replaced his truck with new & painted it using EZ Teflon Clear Coat, “loves it”

Denis Morar

Ray & Paul Tregonning are on the second Truck with EZ Teflon Clear Coat, as there driver has said, the paint wares up on down with age, easy to clean & maintain

Stellar Machinery Ltd

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